About Cert Logik

What is Cert Logik?

Cert Logik is a collection of PKI and SSL products developed by Red Kestrel Consulting Limited. Our Cert Centre product provides you with a consolidated view of your certificate portfolio. We've combined a CSR Decoder and X.509 Certificate Decoder into a single decoder to make decoding simpler. We've developed an SSL Checker that connects to your website and checks the installation of your SSL certificate. To avoid expired SSL certificates impacting your bottom line in terms of lost sales and reputational damage, we've developed CertAlert. For all the latest news on our tools, follow us on twitter.

About CSR and Certificate Decoder

Objects it can Decode

The CSR and Certificate Decoder can decode the following types of objects:

Certificate Checks

The Certificate Decoder checks the following:

CSR Checks

The CSR Decoder checks the following:

About Red Kestrel Consulting

Red Kestrel Consulting Limited is an IT security consultancy founded in 2004 by Phil Ratcliffe. Based in Staffordshire in the UK, Red Kestrel provide security consultancy and software development services to various clients including banks, governments and software companies. We have experience in many areas of IT security including but not limited to: PKI, cryptography, secure email, smart cards, biometrics and secure application development.